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adam you’re killing me okay


I really love when music legends defend 5 Seconds of Summer. Like it’s literally my favorite thing.

A few opinions I have about the 5SOS hate.

  • 5 Seconds of Summer are a boyband? NO. Are they a punk/punk rock/pop punk band? NEITHER. Are they simply a band that plays instruments and write their own music? YES. 5 Seconds of Summer are their own band.
  • Just because you don’t like their music doesn’t mean it’s completely sh*t. I mean, obviously it’s not the "most amazing thing ever to some of you (even to me), but you don’t have to call it garbage or whatever. We all have different music tastes. Some like this, some like that, so we never really know if which genre is better or not, because every genre is different.
  • It’s sad when people call their music horrible because a lot of their songs were co-written by actual artists from different bands, like Alex from ATL, and even the Madden brothers. And these incredible writers were all really proud with what they had made/written.
  • so far that’s it
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All Time Low - So Long, Thanks For All The Booze (x)

file under “movies to watch when feeling sad”




"I play guitar but she’s into drummers…"

especially when they do this twizzley drumstick thingy

twizzley drumstick thingy